Cork is life

PrecisionElite is a company focused essentially on exporting cork stoppers, mostly to markets within European borders. We are regular suppliers of internationally known wine brands, and therefore brands that require a high standard of quality, treatment and labelling. Our company is certified with ISO 9001:2015, HACCP and Systecode Excellence.

About us

PrecisionElite is the result of a combination of different experiences, know-how and the belief that it is possible to make a difference in the current offer within the cork stopper sector. We believe that the total satisfaction of our clients is the main factor behind the success of the project.

Our solid know-how, based on an experienced and varied background, along with our flexibility when dealing with clients, has allowed us to be much more competitive in our operating markets, while always ensuring the desired quality.

With a close proximity to our clients, we can efficiently provide them with the response they are looking for, ensuring a product that reflects their expectations, and therefore those of the final consumer.

Seeking to establish of a long-lasting partnership with each client, based on the trust in the PrecisionElite brand and in the credibility of its offer, PrecisionElite offers technical and quality control information that supports the accuracy and specifications in each product delivery.

We value interaction with the client and the attention given to post-sale follow up – these distinguishing factors are just as important. We also believe this to be a fundamental attitude in order to reach our main goal, which is the total satisfaction of our clients.


PrecisionElite, with its catchphrase “Cork is Life” was born from the determination of a team of specialists in cork stoppers to establish a company where the concept of quality control was the starting point of the company’s efforts, together with the ability to respond to the demands and wishes of each client on a “totally customised” basis. The client is the one to decide the type of stopper, the quality, the finishing and the labelling of the stoppers they will use in the bottling process of their wine.

Our signature and logo refer to the respect towards nature, biodiversity, and the protection of endangered animal species which can only survive in cork oak forests, as is the case with the Iberian Lynx.

Our determination and focus on precision when we set out to control a natural source material are the same ones that lead us to reach a high end market segment, which not only demands but also values our work method and identifies itself with our internal standards.


  • To satisfy our clients’ needs, respecting the assumed demands and, thus, ensuring their loyalty and the sustainability of the company;
  • To be recognised as one of the best natural cork stopper suppliers;
  • To ensure the future of the company through a constant investment in innovation and development;
  • To create profitability in order to ensure that the commitments towards their suppliers, institutional partners and collaborators are met, while investing in new technologies;
  • To incorporate and keep human resources constantly adapted to the company’s culture and ambitions;
  • To act ethically and legally within society and to promote the protection of the environment.

Mission, Vision and Values

MISSION – To contribute towards the appreciation of the cork stopper as a natural and environmentally-sustainable sealant, by offering a product of excellence, managed according to a professional and successful business model of international scale.

VISION – To be acknowledged as an international reference in the supply of natural cork stoppers within the Premium market segment, by means of a varied off er, and supported by strict quality control, inspection and development, and by the professionals conveying the corporate culture.

VALUES – Focus on the market while seeking the clients’ total satisfaction; to promote a positive impact in the environment and society; to create additional value in the product and the service provided; Maintenance of a highly motivated work team.


PrecisionElite specialises in natural and colmated natural cork stoppers, the most widely used in its operating market segment. Nevertheless, we also supply micro stoppers, agglomerated stoppers, 1+1 stoppers, capsulated stoppers and champagne stoppers.

Natural Cork stoppers

Natural cork stopper

The natural cork stopper is recommended for quality wines that need to age in the bottle. It is the most suitable sealant when considering the evolution of the wine throughout the years and inside the bottle. The natural cork provides an excellent conservation for wine without any interference in the harmony of its components, therefore guaranteeing its quality. The natural cork stopper meets the requirements of the best winegrowers and the most demanding consumers, making it suitable for any type of wine.

WaterPrecision natural stopper

The WaterPrecision natural stopper comes from the development of a water-based coating process, which grants a superior technical performance to the medium quality natural stopper in terms of sealing and wine conservation.

ColmWater Precision Natural stopper

Manufactured from natural stoppers with a higher number of pores, the ColmWater Precision stopper is created by applying mixture of the cork powder resulting from the readjustment of natural stoppers and edible glue made from resin and natural rubber for stabilization. This procedure aims to improve the visual aspect and the performance of the stopper. This intervention comes with a water-based coating which provides the stopper with great technical quality in the bottling, sealing and conservation processes of wines. Although with a lower price when compared to the remaining natural stoppers, it still presents itself as a high performance product.

Agglomerated cork stoppers

1+1 stopper

The 1+1 stopper is made from agglomerated cork and it includes 1 natural cork disk in each end. This type of stopper is chemically and mechanically very stable, very resistant, and has excellent reaction to the torsion applied during the bottling and uncorking stages. It is recommended for fast rotating wines.

Micro cork stoppers

Micro Elite stopper

MicroElite stoppers are the product of new technologies, formed by a body of agglomerated cork that results from a moulding process. These present great uniformity and structural stability, making them suitable for wines with a consumption period lower than 2 years. The MicroElite stoppers are manufactured with sterilised 0.5-1 mm microgranules.

Micro Precision stopper

Micro Precision stoppers are made up of a body of agglomerated cork, which results from a moulding process. These stoppers offer a good performance at a competitive price. They are suitable for fast rotation wines. The Micro Precision stoppers are manufactured with sterilised 0,5-2 mm microgranules.

Micro PE stoppers

Micro PE stoppers are made up of a body of agglomerated cork, which results from a moulding process. These stoppers are suitable for wines of very fast rotation at an unbeatable price. The Micro PE stoppers are manufactured with sterilised 1-3 mm microgranules, whereas 75% of the granules have 2-3 mm and 25% have 1-2 mm.

Bartop stoppers

Bartop stopper

Capsulated stoppers of natural cork, either colmated or micro.

Our clients are free to choose between the standard and competitive capsule, and the creation of their own exclusive product with varied materials, thus creating a unique image for their product.

Champagne stoppers

Champagne stopper

The champagne stopper consists in a body of granulated cork with two natural cork disks on the end that comes in contact with the champagne.

This stopper offers excellent chemical, physical and oenological performance.


The size of PrecisionElite is adequate to its self-proclaimed goals and its work comes from a team with a strong know-how in all matters related to the manufacture of stoppers. With quality playing a vital role in this activity, PrecisionElite carries an internal and external quality control on all provided products. One of our major investments is done regarding precisely quality control.

We have a lab fit with the most recent technology and qualified human resources, in order to systematically control our products. In terms of additional external control, we often resort to external and independent labs.

Our greatest advantage is not only in the additional attention paid to the stoppers supplied to our clients in terms of quality control, but also in the importance we bestow upon the accuracy of our choices, the precision of the treatment and the quality of the labelling, which, in the overall list of stopper characteristics, is also a relevant display of the brand’s image.

We are certified with ISO 9001:2008, by HACCP and the SYSTECODE PREMIUM foreseen in the the International Code of Cork Stoppers Manufacturing practice. The certifying entity is Bureau Veritas, which was chosen by our clients.

We have developed an Integrated Quality System of our own at PrecisionElite, which, besides considering the requirements inherent to external audits, also safeguards our internal demands, considering that these are complementary procedures. As such, all the additional procedures, adapted to each client, are always considered during the manufacturing process and in the concerning quality control.

Bodegas Romale se fundó en 1989 y su labor fundamental es la elaboración y crianza de vinos y cavas.La constancia, investigación y vigilancia de todo el proceso es nuestra premisa fundamental para ofrecer siempre vinos con la máxima calidad. Asimismo es importante seleccionar los mejores materiales para su envasado, siendo los tapones de PrecisionElite de una muy buena calidad para ajustarse a nuestras exigencias

Bodegas Romale S.L.

En Bodegas Payva seleccionamos las uvas de máxima calidad de nuestros propios viñedos.
Por ello, conseguimos vinos tintos y blancos de alta gama. Así mismo, somos muy selectivos y cuidadosos en la elección de nuestros proveedores, por lo que depositamos nuestra confianza en los tapones de PrecisionElite por su calidad y su agilidad en el servicio.

Bodegas Martinez Paiva S.A.T

Nos nossos vinhos Biológicos utilizamos as rolhas da PrecisionElite devido à sua excelente relação qualidade/preço!

Antonio Sousa Pereira, VINIBIO, ACE

“Depuis deux ans que je travail avec PrecisionElite je n’ai eu aucun problème. Délais de livraison respectés, qualité des bouchons au rendez-vous et échanges téléphoniques courtois et efficaces”.

Laurent Habrard, Domaine Habrard



Being one of the richest ecosystems in the world, the oak grove shelters dozens of species, including birds, reptiles, amphibians and mammals, as well as some endangered species. It is also home for dozens of plants, grown for the production of aromatic, culinary or medicinal products. The conservation of this biodiversity is possible thanks to the economic, social and environmental value given to cork. PrecisionElite adopted the Iberian lynx in its logo, not only for its highly precise vision, the adaptation skills to environmental changes, and the quick reflexes that characterise it, but also to promote our intent in raising awareness to the preservation of the oak groves and the protection of endangered animal species.


The cork oak forests found their ideal ecological location in Portugal and Spain. With 60% suberin in their composition, the cork cells are impermeable to liquids and gases, which stands out from their numerous mechanical and physical features. Impermeability, compressibility and flexibility are characteristics that make the cork stopper the top sealant for glass bottles. Besides that, in a world in need of more ecologic ways, cork is the only sealant 100% natural, recyclable and reusable.


This is without a doubt the most ancient marriage in the human history. The relationship established between cork and wine has earned its highlight place in the universe of cultural references. The cork stopper has unique capacities like flexibility, impermeability and resistance, which allows managing micro-oxygenation and flawlessly ensures a successful maturation and aging of the wine, while preserving its essence. The natural cork stopper guarantees a good wine.


Product process


Stripping is made in Summer, when the vegetative growth of the tree becomes more intensive.


After stripping, the planks are stacked in order to provide the air flow.


The boiling cork is made in boiling water during one hour, in order to take out soluble, organic and volatile compounds as TAC, avoiding at the same time, the possibility of cross-contamination.


After boiling cork planks stabilize on plastic pallets in a ventilated place.


Cork planks are cut in longitudinal stripes with a superior width to the length of the cork stoppers, which we want to produce.


Punching is made in a perpendicular direction to the cork growth.


Cork stoppers go through a process of polishing to rectify the body in order to prevent circularities and to have a correct diameter.


This process aims to clean and disinfect the cork stoppers, to give them a better visual appearance / look and to avoid microorganisms.


Cork stoppers are selected based on porosity, number and type of found flaws.


Cork stoppers are printed with the customer brand by fire or ink.


Cork stoppers are treated with paraffine and silicone, in order to optimizer the entrance, the seal and extraction of the bottle.


Cork stoppers are put in plastic bags, 1000 in each, properly sealed in vacuum and injected with SO2 in carton boxes.


Whenever possible, cork stoppers should be used after the receiving. The maximum period of advisable storage is until 6 months, in suitable conditions.


Using the compressibility of the cork, the corking machine compresses the cork to allow the entrance into the bottleneck.


When you use a corkscrew, you must extract the cork stoppers upright.

16. Toast

“Cheers! Good wine!”